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I give an example: in the past few years, the vast majority of intellectuals from North, South, old and young that I have met often complain about the government’s “pink and professional” policy. The Party respects cadres with revolutionary ideas and has meritorious services to the revolution more than specialists, even though these cadres are uneducated, they also command experts who are ten times more knowledgeable about the industry. We see many cases where the principal, who only had primary school, ordered the deputy with a doctorate degree to interfere in the deputy’s professional work, especially with an attitude of discrimination against the deputy, because he knew that the deputy was better. Personalized surfing back at sunset customized doormat I was once a victim of that policy. I want to go back to Long Xuyen to rest for a long time, and ask the People’s Committee of the ward to allow me to bring back a few tables and chairs, some books and some necessary items. The ward did not dare to allow it, told me to ask the police for permission, and the police did not dare to allow me to go back to the ward; I of course refused to make a ball for the two agencies to throw to each other, told the police to discuss with the ward and then give me an answer.

Personalized surfing back at sunset customized doormat

Making people think that they only have to go to rehab for half a month, but in the end it will take 5–6 years, maybe 10 years; told to send them to study, to improve their spirit, but the truth is to torture, to take revenge, so how can people trust the government? The central order issued, the local did not follow, did the exact opposite; pensions are not distributed, savings deposited in the bank are not allowed to be withdrawn without telling them the reason, just keep quiet so that people wait day after day, wait until bored, then despair, stop demanding anymore ; let people register for semi-official border crossing, collect how much gold from each person, then suddenly stop all without returning enough gold to people; collect taxes from people and allow them to be sold in flea markets and then suddenly surround an entire area, confiscating all the goods; when he was not in power, he promised to give up all market taxes and divide the land among the peasants; After holding the government for a while, the market tax was even heavier than before, when the land was divided among the people, people were forced to join agricultural cooperatives, giving up their right to own their land as collective owners; declare to the nation and the world that the South follows a democratic and neutral regime, then a year later the country was unified, abolished that regime, and forced the South to follow a socialist like the North; Newspapers and radio stations only provide one-way information and do not tell the people the truth, so much so that even the cadres who came home also complained that the press told lies, so how can people trust the government. Personalized surfing back at sunset customized doormat 3) He guessed that the capitalist system would die, but so far it is still strong, not dead, but on the contrary, in terms of economic development, improving people’s living standards, communist countries cannot compete with it. (says Garaudy, a French professor of communism), because it knows how to adapt itself to circumstances, change itself, find a way to resolve economic and political crises (says a communist politician) in East Germany); it does not go to a monopoly (monopole) but to a free economic system on the market (économie du marché) so that the market can be harmonized. On the contrary, it is the communist countries that follow the monopoly, the national monopoly.

Don’t know if that sentence has reached the North yet? Those who want to try to keep the faith can only comfort themselves that: Russia and China have experienced such a time; it is a “childhood” disease of the regime, as well as the fever, scurvy, teething of the baby; then the “crise de croissance” will pass, the regime will be good and strong. But I wonder if there are many other socialist countries like Yugoslavia, East Germany… do they have that disease? Or do they have a way to prevent, have a cure? As for the French people, which may become socialist in the future, will they have to go through such a lust? Personalized surfing back at sunset customized doormat 3) The third mistake, I have already said, is that after expelling the US, I did not have time to regain my strength, having raised the dream of hegemony over the Indochinese peninsula, becoming a great power in Southeast Asia, no self-assessed, unable to recognize the world situation, causing China, Myanmar, Thailand, the United States, and Japan to hate me, but for several years now, I have been bogged down in Myanmar, harassed in North Vietnam, and have to rely on into Russia’s supremacy, thus getting bogged down even more, and never knowing when to get rid of it.

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