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After completing each course, you must take an exam. But the exam is very easy. It is said that there is a teacher who reads the answers for candidates to copy, because it is strange to force cadres who are decades old to take the exam again and again, but they are blamed by their superiors for not knowing how to teach. It’s better to let the beans go wild. Everyone knows it’s just a formality. There are pharmacists with a new level of fourth grade, studying for two years to the end of 10th grade, that’s enough. A police officer gave me a one-month road permit, dated January 31 to February 31, 1980. God With Lovely Wolf Poster Because acupuncture cannot be relied on: most acupuncturists have only studied for 5–6 months, have no experience, and the effectiveness of the department itself is very limited. It is said that acupuncture can cure stomach ulcers, hemorrhoids, etc., patiently follow people for four years, eventually losing money and carrying disabilities. Fortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of overseas Vietnamese who send medicine back to help their relatives, otherwise the health of the people will decline.

God With Lovely Wolf Poster

In addition to the problem of old doctors in the South and China crossing the border so much, it can be said that 5 out of 10 people have already gone, two or three people also count; The number of trained doctors in Saigon is not much, so there is a shortage of many; Doctors working in clinics often have to see hundreds of patients a day. Rural health workers are also lacking, and the sense of responsibility is very low: in one district, people injected cholera vaccine for three adults and nine children, and eight children died. God With Lovely Wolf Poster I see that the regime of our country today, as well as that of Russia, China… has this distinctive feature that is different from capitalist countries, which is the collective character of the party, the collective command, the people’s collective mastery (according to the theory). ), collective production. state-owned farms, agricultural cooperatives, state-owned enterprises, or public-private partnerships, production complexes… so that individuals, a small number of private individuals, can no longer grasp the production without more exploitation of the proletariat.

Mr. Anh made the right comment and dared to say it. Indeed, at that time there was a heavy division between the South and the North, and the South did not want to unite with the North. Since then, the spirit of division has increased every day, this year (1980) it can be said that 90% of people in the South want to separate from the North. Now, 5 years after April 30, 75, after the end of the first five-year plan, we see almost no progress in any aspect but also backward, and whoever is optimistic has to be. We’ve wasted 5 years, we don’t know how many years it will take to recover that lost time. Meanwhile, the world kept moving forward. God With Lovely Wolf Poster Each person can only eat one bowl per year, when broken, they must eat with a coconut skull. Only one or two yards of fabric are given each year to mend clothes. (In the South in 1980, there were places where each person was only 6 inches.) The most obvious failure of the regime was the economic collapse I outlined above. As a result, Vietnam before the war was proud of being “a silver forest money”, with vast rice fields and rubber plantations in the South, rich coal and phosphate mines in the North, which is now a in some of the poorest countries in the world.

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