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I thought I would only feel empty and broken after Paul died. I could never have imagined that it would turn out that love for someone could not falter even after they are gone and I still feel that love and gratitude alongside the unbearable pain. and. The agony sometimes passed so heavy that I trembled and groaned under its weight. Paul is gone and I miss him almost every moment, but sometimes I feel like I’m still a part of the life we ​​both built. C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Bereavement does not trump marital love, it is just a regular phase — like a honeymoon. What we want is to keep the couple’s life through that period nice and sincere.” Through taking care of our daughter, maintaining relationships with family members, publishing this book, pursuing meaningful work, visiting Paul’s grave, mourning and honoring him, patiently enduring… my love continues — lives on — in a way I never thought possible. Nurse you are braver than you believe poster It was these “outings” that made Sima Thien see the immensity of the country, gain a deep sense of the greatness of the country, in all aspects, to become a historian. the greatness of an entire nation. Ma Cun, a later writer, said, “If you want to learn the writings of Sima Tu Truong, you must first learn the play of Tu Truong”. That statement is not exaggerated. His travels provided him with countless documents and legends, helped him see people’s attitudes towards historical figures and events, and gave him many typical details about the life of each person. people while still living.

Nurse you are braver than you believe poster

The family: The family section includes 30 gods, mainly referring to the history of the vassals, such as the countries of Qi, Lu, Zhao, Chu, etc. People with great positions in the world aristocrats like the empress dowager, those who were ordained as Chu Cong, Thieu Cong, and those with great merits such as Truong Luong, Tran Binh, etc. Most notably, the author placed them in The family of two commoners did not have an inch of land. It was Confucius, a person with a special position in the history of Chinese thought, and Tran Thiep, the late farmer who led the first peasant uprising in the history of the Han nation. Such a view demonstrates an unusual vision. Nurse you are braver than you believe poster He was deeply saddened by the scene of superstitious kings (Phong Thien Thu), squandering people’s property (Binh Chuan Thu), his grandmother’s love of abuse (Nguyen Ky Vu An Hou listed stories), cruel mandarins (Fighting and paralyzing). stories), Confucianists pray for peace, lie (Cong Ton Hoang Truyen, Thich Ton Thong Truyen). He trembled for the future. And it is here that people fully understand his heart, patriotism, love for the people as well as the honesty of a scientist.

To highlight the personality of the character as well as the general color of the era, the author never considers the character in isolation, but puts it in opposition to other characters. Reading Ly Tu, one must see Trieu Cao, reading Binh Nguyen Quan immediately sees Tin Lang Quan, beside Luu Bang, Xiang Yu is always present. In order to highlight the contrast, the author pays great attention to the assessment of the character of his contemporaries. Each such character is rated by at least a few people. To evaluate Luu Bang, the author repeats the valuable words of Tieu Ha, Pham Tang, Lich Sinh, Truong Luong, Nurse you are braver than you believe poster I have followed in the footsteps of my predecessors and have been waiting under the car for more than twenty years. I often think to myself: I have not been able to show loyalty, be praised for being talented, powerful, and have strange schemes, to be favored by the wise master, and also do not know how to pick up the omission and patch up. the needy, welcome the sage, recommend the talented, glorify the sage who hides in the mountains, outside of the ranks that have merited fighting against the city, storming the city, cutting down the generals and snatching the flag, and not even going out. Days of accumulating merit, in order to get high officials, good fortune, beautify relatives and friends.

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