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In the evenings of the silk market, there are often many weavers in the village who come out to teach me. They weave minced looms all day, every night they turn on the lights early in the evening, until late at night the rooster crows and rushes into the frame again. Five days toil the whole day the cock crows, only rests every night and day. However, in the evenings, they worked hard to sit around with their noses around the dim lamp, studying and reading books and newspapers. The Legend of Zelda hello darkness my old friend shirt But why doesn’t her belly look different? She’s pregnant. Maybe it was because she was wearing the wrong bronze ao dai, with the hem of her gloves, and a loose cotton shirt, in addition, the outermost ruffled ruffled belt. However, the scurrying figure in a hurry as if it was being chased by a team, and the pale skin that was about to be dyed with turmeric showed how it was. There were times when I thought they were guessing. Why do pregnant women not have big belly?

The Legend of Zelda hello darkness my old friend shirt

I held a secret meeting at dusk on Luy slope, at the beginning of Bai village, to propagate the anti-imperialist National Front. Then only I brought the leaflets home. I tied a bunch of leaflets in my back, walked to the province, then turned off Thanh Xuan street and passed the Bun shop in Moc market. There was no movement to avoid the main road, but according to the newly learned secret plan, I did. I didn’t go to Cau Giay, but went to this riverside To Lich river, back to the village. The leaflets were distributed to Mr. Mien, Mr. Hop, those two brothers and even Ho. The Legend of Zelda hello darkness my old friend shirt noticed that the cuffs of his sleeves were worn and round and the black tie was greasy with sweat in the palm of his hand. The clothes “photico” (3) are straight. There were purple ink stains on the middle of the back of his shirt — probably the typists were marking to see if he had changed his clothes. Although he was small and thin, his face was dignified and solemn, and he never smiled. He often speaks Western again, what we hate the most is that every time the time runs out, someone still has a few lines in the middle, he is like a walking machine, cold, quiet, locking the wheel and then waving to the person standing. waiting outside the door, — the class members cut in the next hour.

A “dress lady” walked in. She went straight to the chair and put her feet up, waiting to try. I ran into the line of women’s shoes. There are more than three dozen different styles of women’s shoes in four different seasons. If I’m good at picking customers’ preferences, I’ll just bring out something that the lady might already like. Know when to give me that good. I don’t know how, I just grabbed the box and threw it out. Hang Dao shop has a lot of customers, but customers are mixed and only buy canvas shoes. Under Hang Tray, many customers have a lot of money to buy leather shoes. The Legend of Zelda hello darkness my old friend shirt I just kept holding the dog’s leash loosely. Are kennel dogs often aggressive? I’m scared of kennel dogs. Watch! Dogs can bite fat, lame and break immediately. But I’ve got my tip. I intended that whenever the angry dog ​​was about to hit me, I would let go of his mother’s leash. Let it run, run, and I will do whatever. However, the dog is big and stupid. What I was worried about never happened. I have permission to walk the dog. This western dog is as tall as my back. During the day he was locked in a corner next to the bathroom, only when his owner took him out to play. Every day the owner didn’t go, I had to take the dog to the flower garden right in front of the door, let the dog walk a few rounds to smell the grass and keep it from going crazy.

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