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We were then knowledgeable, playful, energetic, and daring. Controversies and noisy reading all night, wandering in the street all night. I also remember on the Am bridge there were a few shops, a tailor, a barber shop, and the huts connected with walls leaning against each other of hired workers outside Ha Dong town all day, keeping their doors shut, keeping dark. I just found out about the flickering lights. Black august queen god designed me created me shirt The girl was sitting in front of the old woman. In the house, that girl is covered with square towels. Her face is blurred, her face is clear, it is clear that she is a farming girl who does not catch the sun and rain all year round. Daughters of the weaving villages are famous for their white hands and feet. Because they only stay at home in the evening, spinning silk, spinning, weaving, going to the silk market wearing a lot of goods to go to the market. Agricultural girls with muddy hands and feet always crave and envy the imaginary leisure of poor village girls.

Black august queen god designed me created me shirt

I listen to the controversy, calculation, arrangement of human fate into silver coins, each job. I feel embarrassed both when the doctor visits the country, as well as when I hear the neighbor’s cool “culy san”. I was more and more afraid that every now and then, from the side of the wall, I could hear the creepy sound of people gasping while breathing and drinking cans of medicine, while I thought I was also involved in this terrible crime. I didn’t dare look over, but I couldn’t look away. Even if I close my eyes and ignore it, in my mind, I also see the evil mother taking off the child’s belly belt, then tying her waist to the post with one end, she pressed her whole body down to tighten the child’s belly and the body. the girl is in so much pain, go down, her hands are hanging against the wall.. But outside is a vast and murky heaven and earth, those “guilty” people don’t know where to run away. Black august queen god designed me created me shirt Typing classroom, a rickety loft with ten typewriters, arranged in three rows. Everyone comes to study, everyone’s face is the same when sitting at the table, just staring at the table, not taking their eyes off the machine. They try to study because of the lack of money. One hour per session, one dollar two per month. Spending money to learn how to type for a month is almost equal to worrying about the whole year’s tax rate, having to train it to be two silver coins. Teach us to type, a thin teacher with his face crossed like two clamped fingers. Although he has two pointed mustaches on his lips, it looks funny and it is difficult to know how old he is.

The building in front of the shop on the other side is a rich man, the old rich man in Hanoi. Saturday afternoon, the car is parked full of summer. Their descendants, the tri districts, the provincial governors came to play. Even though the girls in the palace are still a bit old, but if they were really poor, no matter how much their parents had to marry and sell them at a low price, it wouldn’t have been anything to Mr. Kwong, even though he had Gold encrusted chest and wrists. Black august queen god designed me created me shirt I sat on a small low stool in front of the passenger armchair. I was taught by Elder in Hang Dao how to sell and try on shoes for Tay Dress. Must sit thoughtfully, close and tight, do not bend down, look back at the skirt. The lady had already moved from the back armchair, straightened her hot foot to the slanted rubber cushion in front of my chair, letting me, with the shoe ready in hand, gently put my shoe down, carefully so that the heel did not touch the heel. but the customer’s foot has smoothly slipped into the test shoe, how could the hand not seem to touch the customer’s fat or thin, smooth or sore ankle but have already tried it. Then how to tie the shoelaces across the butterfly wings without falling, how to break the hemp rope to tie the package to be as neat as not. These are the important things of the art of shoe-selling, which my dexterous hands have always hesitated to do.

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