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Every time I see the hospital where Paul lived and died as a doctor and a patient, I understand that he really lived, he contributed a lot as a neurosurgeon and a neuroscientist. He has probably helped countless patients and their families through the most difficult moments of their lives, the task that led to his previous neurosurgery. He was, and will continue to be, a good person as well as a deep thinker. This book is another way for him to help people, a dedication he can make. This is not When visiting my house please remember cat horizontal poster Our ancestors will forever be historical officials. After I die, you are bound to follow in my footsteps as a royal historian. Don’t forget what you want to discuss and write when you’re a Thai historian. At present, there are four seas in one house, the king is bright and I am gentle, it’s embarrassing for me to be a Thai historian. Remember me! In 110 B.C., Emperor Wu was preparing to consecrate a god at Thái Sơn, and Sima Dam, on his way to follow the king, fell seriously ill, took his son’s hand and cried, and told him:

When visiting my house please remember cat horizontal poster

List of stories: This noun is coined by the author himself. This part consists of 70 stories including different characters and very different events. Notably, first of all, is the list of stories for countries outside China, which he was the first to put into history with the character of correct and scientific generalizations (Nam Viet, Dong Viet, Korea, etc.) , Xiyi, Dai Uyen, Xiongnu). Of course, a part of the list of stories will be for those who have eyes and ears in the old society such as famous generals (Mong Diem, Ly Quang, Ve Thanh), big officials (Truong Thich Chi, Cong Ton Hoang, etc.). ..v.) The most remarkable thing here is that he saw the great role played by ordinary people When visiting my house please remember cat horizontal poster But most importantly, he understood who his work was written for. He said the Chronicle was written for “its people”. Its people are not a benefactor, a beauty, but a great and immortal people. He was well aware of that, so two thousand years after reading the History, we find it vivid, extremely intense, and at the same time filled with the aura of justice. Looking at his book, we see clearly the inequality in society, the poverty of the peasants who lost all their land, the rich wealth of the feudalists, the big merchants.

Tran Binh, Han Tin, etc. To evaluate Tin Lang Quan, the author does not forget the comments. by Hou Sinh, Mao Cong, Xue Cong, Binh Nguyen Quan, etc. The author sometimes lumps them into one chapter to highlight his intentions. Those were times of stark contrasts. But there are times when the more subtle opposites are interesting. For example, it is not a coincidence that all the good mandarins in the week of the future were people before the Qin dynasty. On the contrary, all the people in Khuc who list the story are Han Dynasty characters. Likewise, everyone has to admit the image of Emperor Wu, how can he be like Qin Shi Huang, also boastful, proud, like war, like fairies, like to build, like to flatter. When visiting my house please remember cat horizontal poster Here, Thai Su Cong means that his book of History also follows the book of Spring and Autumn of Confucius, starting from the Emperor (This text is written in a question-and-answer style: first stating his father’s intention to build a career like Confucius to prove himself to continue his father’s work. After promoting the Spring and Autumn period and at the same time indirectly affirming the effect of the History of History, for fear of saying that too boldly, he refused to say that he did not compose, I don’t dare to compare my work with Spring and Autumn. Finally, I express my resentment and at the same time express my will to write Spring and Autumn. The changed and concise style is worthy of the preface of a great work. quoted in the last verse of Chronicles).

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