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himself, and then, due to his inferiority and inferiority complex, was born overbearing, preventing the deputy’s work. That policy is bad for the construction; it is because of it that most of the experts in the South are very capable, very enthusiastic to serve, but are not used by the government; A few that are rarely used are oppressed: for example, a professor of medicine at the University of Medicine, very famous for anatomy, has to depend on one of his students, just because he is “in the area”. , considered by the government to be “pink”, trusted by the government; that professor said he would operate on a certain patient on any day and time; his students dismissed it, set for another day; He angrily replied, “As you wish,” and a few months later he crossed the border with his family. He is currently in the US. Personalized custom name baseball there’s no plate like home doormat let people register for semi-official border crossing, collect how much gold from each person, then suddenly stop all without returning enough gold to people; collect taxes from people and allow them to be sold in flea markets and then suddenly surround an entire area, confiscating all the goods; when he was not in power, he promised to give up all market taxes and divide the land among the peasants; After holding the government for a while, the market tax was even heavier than before, when the land was divided among the people, people were forced to join agricultural cooperatives

Personalized custom name baseball there’s no plate like home doormat

Hungary gives the people more freedom, abandons the one-party system; two years ago Poland also claimed the same; which the French communist party wants too; Italian and Portuguese communist parties have expressed their independence, refusing to follow Russia’s foreign policy in some international events; the Japanese communist party has an even more independent spirit; most of those countries saw Russia’s policy of agricultural cooperatives (Kolkhoze) fail and no longer forced farmers into cooperatives. Especially throughout Europe and America, no country is subject to the “socialisme du Goulag” (socialisme du Goulag), that is, the socialist construction system by Russian prisons and re-education camps (Goulag) in the Stalin era. Personalized custom name baseball there’s no plate like home doormat individual exploitation, because there is no other country in the world who enjoys as much material security and has to work so little as the Russians. As for the people of capitalist countries, the vast majority still prefer the freedom to do business, have to fight and work harder, but life is more interesting, not flat, quiet to the point of boredom, although some young people have seen Competition makes life too busy. I don’t know how true that statement is, but it makes sense.

From 1945 until now, the Han faction has had to retreat in many places, because they are not united with each other, not resolute, not patient, no party can hold power for long, and also because they have to respect public opinion. But from now on, if they are resolute, they can keep the front line because the communist bloc has been divided, China has passed through the Western bloc, and Eastern Europe is no longer closely associated with Russia; and also the weak countries gradually find that according to Russia, the economy is not developing any faster than that of capitalist countries, on the contrary, it is different, like North Korea compared to South Korea, mainland China compared to China. Taiwan Personalized custom name baseball there’s no plate like home doormat About human life. At the end of chapter XXlV I said that in this era, human knowledge increases fourfold every 25 years, no one can learn it all, not even the basics; but electronic technology will help us record that knowledge and when we want to use it, the machine will find it for us in a few seconds, so we don’t need to remember much anymore, just need to train our imagination, practice being creative, Make good use of what electronic machines choose for us. In our country, we don’t know how long, scholars and students will have such machines to use, but from now on, in education, we should also teach young people how to use their knowledge rather than remembering it. much. Of course, the program must match the needs and goals we have outlined. That goal is to build a new society according to a new way of life, a new outlook on life.

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