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arresting the oppressors. the right to have virtue, to love the people; he adjusted the rights and obligations of my king; he again trained a new class: the scholar to rule the country, replacing the aristocrats lacking talent and virtue, that class was mostly among the common people, new landlords and traders. In your day, who could do it better than you? After Mac Tu died, within a few generations, disciples no longer kept his position, abandoned politics and ethics, and thought about knowledge, argument, science (geometry, force, surroundings). science) … making Chinese philosophy have some features of Western philosophy of the Hellenistic period. It was a remarkable contribution of the followers of Mac Tu, which people called the Pharisees. Skull Don’t pray for me shirt I have collected Chinese, Vietnamese, French and English documents on the I Ching from 20 years ago, 15 books. I read it all over again, taking notes for four months, then writing for another six months, about 500 pages. Freedom and bourgeoisie are the common ideals of Eastern philosophers such as Confucius, Lao, and Buddha, but also what today’s humanity requires; but I think nowadays we need a new outlook on life, a new philosophy, a new way of life, but freedom and bourgeoisie are not enough. That new way of life I outlined at the end of the above chapter and in the Encyclopedia at the beginning of 1975.

Skull Don’t pray for me shirt

Thanks to that policy of reconciliation, in terms of politics, China has been stable for over 2,000 years: if the king is powerless, if he does wrong, the people will rebel, depose, and bring others up, but the monarchy remains; prompts Will Durant in Chinese Civilization to praise the Chinese people for finding a harmony in social life that no other nation in the world has. Even Chu Nguyen Chuong, the founder of the Ming Dynasty, was the most authoritarian king, removing many passages in Mencius that were harmful to his authority, but still had to maintain Confucianism. Confucius failed in his life, but had great success in his career over the two thousand years since his death. No other philosopher in the world has had such a lasting and widespread influence (all over East Asia) as he. Skull Don’t pray for me shirt A week later, December 25, I visited the market. Compared to the time of Liberation, the city has changed a lot: the roads are dirty, garbage, many places are damaged without repair; noisy but chaotic, even the trees are destroyed. The big shops are all closed, but the gift baskets and stalls are full of streets, one area from Hoang Dieu bridge, Duy Tan bridge across the market, down to the wharf, three or four hundred meters long. I don’t know how many small merchants sit on the sidewalk, in the sun, each occupying a square meter or two to display goods. People go to the market crowded together, I took precautions, not carrying much money in my pocket. Too hot, too stuffy, I didn’t turn into the market, round down to Cai Son.

These biased emotions make us incapable of seeing the same equality between people and people. this is contrary to genuine compassion because if it is compassion, no matter how the person’s appearance changes, our feelings for that person will not change. Likewise, negative emotions make us forget that all people, rich or poor, close or not, share the same desire for happiness and fear of suffering as we do. Therefore, we need to purify ourselves so that we can get rid of this emotional bias. Skull Don’t pray for me shirt Although it is very difficult to bring about the true peace and harmony we desire, with the foundation of love and If we are a Buddhist on the path of practice, we must always remind ourselves of our duty to serve all sentient beings, not just for our loved ones, which includes serving others. the most unlucky and miserable people. At the same time we are also aware of our responsibility not to create discord and division between one person and another as well as between communities that are members of the human family.

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